Getting stuck in the ‘friend zone’ is not easy to get out of for a man. If what you want is to take the friendship to the next level, yet the other person is not reciprocating your feelings, you need to do something to make sure that you get your feelings across. Don’t worry because today, a program can help you with this predicament, Unlock The Scrambler.

What is Unlock the Scrambler?

Unlock the Scrambler is a training program package that helps men from all across the world escape being stuck in a ‘friend zone.’ The package is composed of PDF files like The Scrambler Manual and L.U.S.T guide. The package also has videos and audio content that will allow you to listen to it privately.

The training program is divided into six parts:

Bobby Rio

  1. Closed Door Interview. The first part will be the fun interview by Nikki with the creators of The Scrambler, Rob and Bobby. This interview will help guide you through the various materials included in the package.
  1. Weapons of Seduction. It is composed of two videos where Bobby Rio explains the psychological techniques used in mind games to try to play on your target. These are the weapons that you will need to use to capture her attention and make sure to keep her interested.
  1. The Scrambler. This part comprises five building blocks that can help make sure that you keep the woman interested in you. The components include The pattern Interrupt, The Power Shift, The Validation, The Unpredictable Rewards, and The Physical Intimacy.
  1. U.S.T. System. And once you have met the woman of your dreams, you can follow this foolproof system while dating her. L.U.S.T. stands for Laughing, Understanding, Sexualizing, and Taking it Home.
  1. The Modules. This part is composed of 10 modules that will hopefully lead to the part where she makes up her mind and finally goes home with you.
  1. Invisible Escalation. It is the final step of the process where you will finally transition to a physical relationship with the woman that you are pursuing.

Add-Ons to The Scrambler Package

Aside from the standard package, you can also choose from five bonuses given to the new members. There is also an exclusive forum for users where you can post your questions and queries. Usually, Rob and Bobby also provide general advice, especially on issues that users might experience using The Scrambler.