When planning interior decoration, try not to overdo it with the decor. When compiling a design project for a country house, various annoying factors should be excluded. It is quite difficult to think about the decoration of a large house on your own, so it is better to use the services of an experienced interior design specialist. In addition, on thematic print media and on the Internet you can find a wide selection of projects of a country house with ready-made scandinavian interior design bto.

Answers to the listed questions will help you order the interior design of a country house, which will help reveal your personality and meet your needs.

scandinavian interior design bto

  • What colors are associated with relaxation?
  • What elements of the interior contribute to relaxation?
  • What materials should be used in bedroom interiors?
  • What elements create a feeling of happiness?
  • With what does the owner of a country house identify himself?
  • What types of interior design can be used for country houses?

Provence – French Classic

The interior design of a country house in the Provence style is light, measured and harmoniously combined with the natural landscape. It is saturated with the romance of the countryside. It cannot be confused with other design trends. Many consider Provence to be the best style for the interior of a country house.

Distinctive design features in Provence style:

Pastel shades

Whitewashing the walls

  • Natural landscape in a classic baguette
  • Floral patterns on clothing products
  • Openwork lattice details
  • Minimalism in the interior elements
  • Window Structures with Shutters

Scandinavian Style

As a universal direction of interior design, which looks good both in an apartment and in a country house, you can consider the Scandinavian style. Today, such interiors are in trend and are widespread. In spacious cottages, this design looks especially grand. The interiors of country houses in the Scandinavian style are necessarily present in the lists of the best projects published in specialized architectural and design publications.

Highlights of Scandinavian-style country house interiors:

  • Lots of light in the rooms.
  • Cool colors are used for interior design.
  • The decoration of the walls, floors and ceiling surfaces is minimal.
  • The interior design is dominated by hard lines and smooth surfaces.
  • Bright paintings and stylish rugs are used as decoration.

In order to fill the rooms of the country house with natural light, it is necessary to reduce the design of window openings.