While tooth loss is terrible, missing tooth replacement singapore has provided several solutions for dealing with the problem. A lost tooth may be replaced in five different methods, some of which are described here.

Replaceable Dentures:

Losing one’s front teeth is quite humiliating. A daytime removable half denture may fill areas when many teeth are absent. Metal clasps can be used to secure a removable partial denture in place as necessary. These metal fasteners may be seen when you talk or smile. The fact that they might shift somewhat while you talk or eat is another drawback of removable partial dentures.

Denture Prosthesis:

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To replace lost teeth temporarily, you may use a denture. Since it can be quickly flipped in or out, experts refer to it as a “flipper.” It is done while the healing process continues until the tooth may be permanently replaced with such a bridge or implantation. There is a strong resemblance to a removable half denture, however, they are often weaker, smaller, and cheaper.


If there are teeth on each opposite side of the gap, a bridge may be used to connect the two halves of the smile. The bridge is an irremovable prosthetic which is cemented into place in the patient’s mouth.

As a result, the teeth on each side of the gap need to be reduced in size before they can be used to anchor a bridge across the gap.

The surrounding teeth may also require a filling or a cap, so this solution may solve both problems at once. A bridge may be used to replace either one or two teeth, perhaps even more in certain cases provided the surrounding teeth are strong enough to anchor the prosthetic.

Implant Dentist:

Getting an implant to substitute a lost tooth is a fantastic option. If you’re looking for something that looks and functions like your real teeth, this is the one.

Over the course of many months, the implant will fuse with the bone, thus replacing the tooth’s root. One big benefit is that implant placement does not need modifying any other teeth.

If you’re missing a broken tooth, implants are an excellent option, and multiple implants may restore your smile. There is no technique to identify the difference between implantation and a normal tooth while someone is smiling or communicating.

Put in zero effort:

Doing nothing is frequently an option. Whenever a tooth is extracted, the surrounding teeth shift to cover the space left by the missing bone. It makes it tougher to clean all-around teeth, which may lead to further issues including osteoporosis & tooth rot.