Remove THC from your system for several reasons, the most common of which is preparation for a forthcoming drug test, as well as an attempt to pass it successfully. A range of other factors might influence a person’s choice to flush THC from their system apart from this.

The most common reason for someone to be concerned about THC-metabolites remaining in the body is the likelihood of an upcoming drug screening test for illicit drugs like marijuana.

Whatever your reason for wanting to do Thc detox, one thing is sure: at this time, there is no THC detox process available that will guarantee you will pass a drug test. Although some detoxification treatments claim to help you eliminate THC remains from your system over time, the producers of some detoxification remedies claim that their products will aid you in doing so.

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THC is the principal active element in marijuana that is responsible for the high feeling

Upon entering our system, the psychoactive substance THC is metabolized by our liver into many metabolites that are excreted and go here in the urine. In addition to THC, these metabolites have a large amount of lipid(fat) soluble content. To do this, they have a solid ability to “attach” to our body fat as well as to specific other tissues. THC is absorbed by fat at a rate of around 70% of the amount delivered into the circulation.


A steady release of metabolic products into the circulation occurs due to this. Afterward, some of these metabolites are maintained in the tissues.