One of the main reasons why the market for used cars is at an all-time high is that only some have the patience to check the paperwork before buying one. Potential customers are looking for faster and less expensive alternatives due to chip shortages and ongoing pandemic lockdowns affecting manufacturers. In these circumstances, purchasing a previously owned vehicle is a good option; however, the vehicle’s condition and documentation must first be verified. You probably already know how to check the vehicle’s health, but here is a list of documents to look for when purchasing used cars in chandler.

  • Certificate of Registration (RC)

The most necessary used car document is the Registration Certificate (RC), which is essentially a card with a vehicle summary. The owner’s name, the registration number, the chassis number, and the date of registration are all included in this data; rather than the smart cards that are now available, older vehicles utilize RC books. Verifying the owner’s serial number, date of registration, state of registration, and fuel type are essential when purchasing a vehicle. The RC must be updated appropriately for engine, color, or several owner changes.

  • Vehicle’s purchase invoice

The vehicle’s purchase invoice is essential when purchasing a used vehicle. The showroom invoice demonstrates the authenticity of the car purchased by the previous owner, and the second owner should naturally have a receipt. If you buy it from a used car showroom or a car dealer, this will be readily available; however, if you buy it from an individual, ensure that you fill out an invoice sheet similar to the one shown above and include the signatures of both parties to avoid confusion.

  • Policies on Insurance

If the customer wants to keep the previous owner’s insurance, the process needs to be started well in advance. You should investigate the seller’s claim history, whether the premium was paid on time, and the policy’s expiration date during the insurance transfer. The terms and conditions of the policy, particularly the exclusions, should be well understood by the customer. Before the sale, you should look for a replacement insurance policy for the used car. It is essential to remember that the customer may be aware of the difficulties associated with obtaining insurance for a used vehicle older than fifteen years.