With more and more of our communication platforms being hacked, it may seem that the only way to keep message privy is through encryption. Well, worry not! This blog post will cover the reasons why encrypted messages that self-destruct are the future of communication.


Encrypted messages that self-destruct is the only way to ensure privacy in a world filled with hackers.

Freedom of Speech

Whether you are revealing your secret political opinions, or just writing a private message between two loved ones, encrypted private note messages that self-destruct is the future of communication because it offers you a safe haven in an unsafe world.

It’s Efficient

Hacking usually takes itself too seriously. Encrypted messages that self-destruct doesn’t give the hackers enough time to crack down on your communication, and often times the transmission of a self-destructing message is not even detected.


It’s simple as ABC. The encryption process does not take very long, and there are many platforms available for encrypted messages that self-destruct. All you need is two to three clicks, and you’re good to go! No more need to bother yourself with complicated alphabet-based languages.

Meta delays encrypted messages on Facebook and Instagram to 2023 | Meta | The Guardian

It’s Fast

When compared to conventional messaging, encryption is much faster than conventional messaging. The only time you can expect a slower transmission is when you are using a platform that requires passwords, or inputting a code that the receiver has to input as well. But even then, given the fact that no one sees your message while it’s on its way, it still takes place quickly most of the time.

Security and Encryption Is Not Impossible

Encryption is an art that requires knowledge, experience, and patience. It takes time to be able to encrypt a message. Many people who are interested in encryption are new to the field and have not yet learned how to be good at it. This is why encryption is hard to break, but not impossible.

It Has a Meaning

With messages that self-destruct, there is a meaning attached to it. Messages that self-destruct are not just random text without any meaning. Messages that self-destruct are meaningful and intended for the receiver of the message only.


Encrypted messages that self-destruct is the future of communication for all types of people, in all types of situations. It is cheap, fast, and easy to use and offers the most privacy and freedom from hackers. Therefore, I strongly urge everyone to utilize encrypted messages that self-destruct as their daily mode of communication.