Many people make YouTube videos, with huge number of videos getting uploaded each minute. It’s a struggle for the new content makers and creators to get attention and highest clicks on their channels. It is possible when you consider buying YouTube watch hours at lenos agency. We fully commit to improve the watch time for channel monetization hence you will be able to make money from the YouTube right away!

When you buy YouTube watch hours from us, the video will

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Helps to Increase SERP Ranking

An individual spends over 70% of his time on a platform watching what algorithms recommend.  So, for a query, algorithms may aggregate data & offer results that are based on video’s relevancy & user engagement (comments, likes, and watch hours). Thus, watch time is one very important factor, which affects the video’s ranking over YouTube search engine. This is where purchasing watch hours service can prove very helpful.

Videos Have More Conversion Rates

The research recommends that the video content is around 12 times to be watched compared to text. Moreover, we may be processing these videos much faster than the text. Also, videos will evoke emotion that no other type of content can. They will make you feel and think, so you are not possible to forget the videos. That is said for other kinds of internet marketing too.

Finally, videos will help to humanize your brand and give it a life; it will carry your messages from the flat & static to engaging and dynamic. Videos help the brand to build authority and trust in a unique way.