What are GroundHogs?

Ground hogs belong to squirrel family which are very tiny creatures which are also termed as whistle-pigs. They possess round body, everlasting growth of teeth, with strong claws, and they can live up to 6 years on this earth. The main mess that happens with these ground hogs is they are herbivorous and they eat all the vegetarian food so this becomes a problem for the household people who have lawns and gardens at their places as these would dig a burrow and eat all the plants, berries and many more vegan foods like that which creates a problem to human. However cute animals also have their own way of working and eating techniques after all they are the nature’s creation. Here are few tips to know about How To Plug Groundhog Holes which would help us in solving the problem of ground hogs.

Methods to stop the nuisance of Ground Hogs:

  1. Repellents:
  • There are no specific repellents that are being used for the exit of these hogs we should use some techniques like throwing hair into the burrows as these would not like human hair or any fur kinds of stuff.
  • And next comes spraying of ammonia, red pepper as these would be very spicy these hogs would not resist and they run away from the burrows by which they are being cleared, and many more natural repellents can be used to get rid of these hogs.
  • Spraying of blood meal helps us to get rid of ground hogs and the plants can be grown healthier.
  1. Trap and Release:
  • This is the second way of exiting those ground hogs that means we need to wait and trap them in the burrow which we dig for it and then release them some outside in a forest where in no houses are present.

  • However, this is not that suggestable option. As this may create the poor hog to die when left in the forest where many wild animals would live and would be affected for us.
  1. Target Their Home:
  • By constant flooding their burrows we can make them go back from the burrows in which they are living presently and also by gas fumigation we can make them exit the burrows easily. But this takes a lot of time and patience process.
  • And after fumigation we need to close the burrow instantly so that they may not return again.


Hope these methods would help for sure in exiting the Ground Hogs.