We ensure that your child’s education is never interrupted, no matter where they are in their new process. We educate your kid on the skills, flexibility, and endurance to thrive throughout every circumstance further than the school in an unpredictable, already, quickly environment. We assure their success if our schools are accessible or studying from home.

A world class education programme for children supported in a technically sophisticated learning environment provides an efficient learning opportunity that will provide your kid with the most outstanding educational foundational principles for achievement and meaningful life to prepare them for anything they like to do about it. In all childhood development learners and schoolchildren, we modify and blend the world-renowned English National Curriculum and the Integrated Primary program, stressing hands-on educational experiences. Why do we encourage our kids to succeed intellectually at Nord Suffolk School Indonesia, we already understand that each child learns intellectually at their speed, and we help them excel. It is critical that we push, support, and drive our kids to become self-assured learners. We provide academic problems to our kids while also loving care, enabling each child’s learning and development to shine. During epidemics, we work hard to keep safe learning settings so that education isn’t hampered by local limits or school closure.

Our education support workers and highly skilled instructors ensure that our children graduate from our institution with all they have to leave their contribution to the world.

Resilient and very well. Pupils, instructors, staff, administrators, & families are all involved inside the Nord Anglian College Indonesia commitment to health and resiliency. We instil in all of our students the capacity to face failures and tackle life’s problems head-on. Our children are trained through debates, exercises, and ego and active study strategies such as online communication, films, hands-on projects, and engaging seminars.


As a top supplier of training, we give our pupils the career skills and resources they need to keep up with technological advancements and shifting employment rates and outlook.

Its learners may access World Classroom, our proprietary online platform, anywhere in the globe. The system provides one-of-a-kind educational possibilities for developing issues, collaboration, and innovative mental capabilities.

We supply our children with a monthly exploration bag containing learning activities, library books, and study aids during closing schools. With us, knock on the Doors Conferences, a world class education programme for children available always, are among the individualised aspects each school gives to families who want to meet at their child’s school.

There are assessment plans, seminars, and everyday routines for every subject.