Shipping containers are containers with durability and strength suitable to withstand:

  • Shipment
  • Storage
  • Handling

A shipping container may range from gigantic reusable steel boxes used for intermodal transportations to universal corrugated boxes. In international shipping trade, shipping or container is synonymous with the intermodal freight container. The container is designed to move from one mode of shipping to another without reloading and unloading. The SCF 20ft shipping containers offer you some benefits and common uses:

  1. A great way for moving or storing personal items
  2. Lock up construction materials, tools, and vehicles keeping safe and secured
  3. Ground-level containers for the easy climb in and out safely
  4. Keeping materials out of the weather elements
  5. Relocatable and portable to adapt to the site
  6. New home building movement
  7. Popular in the construction, retail, and construction industries

What fits in the 20ft container?

The 20ft steel shipping container is one of the most common-sized transport containers. Another common size is the 40ft long container. While the 20ft container is an industry standard that suggests one or two bedrooms apartments.

SCF 20ft shipping containers

Types of 20ft shipping container?

Here are the different types of 20ft shipping containers:

  • One trip. When shopping for a new container, get the best in quality. A 20ft container shows up at the home or job site.
  • Cargo-worthy. The highest quality containers to find when renting or buying units. The containers are inspected and deemed valuable for holding and securing cargo for shipping.
  • Wind and watertight. These are the best containers to handle static storage of the items. Storages or containers have been inspected to ensure it doesn’t allow wind and water to damage the belongings.
  • As-Is. It is a 20ft container, best suited for customers unconcerned with important defects or handi-enough to fix them. It is often the most affordable and needs to be prepared for holes in the flooring or inoperable doors.

All these types of 20ft containers are excellent shipping storage, a perfect fit for moving enough items. But, some movers would choose the 40ft shipping containers when they have many furniture. For the homeowners, it is best to use enough space to keep the furniture and other items secure and safe.

With the varieties of containers available, which one do you think fits your needs. Some may look spacious but make sure that it is the right space you need before buying or renting. It is always best to pick the right container to make sure that you are not just spending or wasting money on it? Of course, you don’t want to rent a 20ft container, but it fails your expectation.

Still, it is best to check on the size of the container before hiring, as it helps you save time, money, and effort when picking the right container.