There are several things to consider while buying a used cars in tucson but most of the times people only consider about price as a factor. While that is a big factor in decision making while buying a used vehicle there is a lot more to it.  The first question that must come to your mind is that whether you must buy a used vehicle or a new one.  While a new vehicle would give you assured warranty, latest technology, long list of financing and insurance options and longevity. A used truck would be cost efficient, suitable for moderate use and if you buy it from a reputed dealer then you would get a warranty, insurance, and financing options too. It all depends on your needs and choices.

Tips for buying a lifted truck in Tucson —

  • Check the brakes — if the truck is very heavy then you cannot raise it without modifying its brakes. Raising the truck is required to make room for the larger tires and wheels. Also, it helps in moving in over the terrain without causing any sort of damage to the undercarriage. Choose the truck that fits your size.

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  • Check the drive shaft — you must check the angle as well as the length of the drive. Usually, the universal joint of the truck must be around 1 to 3 degrees of pinion angle. Also, the slip travel of the differential must be between .75-1 inch.
  • Drop down bracket — there are two options available for the drop down bracket in a lifted truck. Either you can choose one with a cross member cradle or with a steering damper.
  • Leaf and coil springs — you should opt for arched leaf springs that provide a comfortable and smooth ride. Make sure to check the coil springs too as it contains the shock absorbers. If the coil springs are in good condition then you can buy the used lifted truck.
  • Tires– you must check about the quality of the tires while buying a used truck. This is because even if the hour’s indicator is manipulated the tires would tell the correct story of the vehicle.

These parts must be properly checked while buying a used cars in tucson.